Support 122 youths employed/self-employed and earning Rs.3500 to 5000 per month.
Trust 296 children of 3-6 years age received nutrition food.
Passion500 youth and 750 women participated in programmes for demanding for their rights.
Strength The organization has been consistently working towards identification and rehabilitation of child labourers.
Hard Work 2171 Families have knowledge on child rights and benefits of education.
Support 122 youths employed/self-employed and earning Rs.3500 to 5000 per month.
Passion500 youth and 750 women participated in programmes for demanding for their rights.
Achievements 257 SHGs formed in 60 villages

welcome to READS!

READS was started as society in the year 1994-95, organisation was registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, Income tax and FCR Act .The organisation started function with all the seven members came from the rural area with the firsthand experience of the problems faced by the poor and asset-less without much subsistence to sustain their living was the basic inspiration to start the organization.ReadMore

Our Vision


Mission of READS

Our mission is to

  • * "To establish community based institutions of women and children and to build their capacities"
  • * "To enable the community to demand for effective, appropriate and timely primary health care and nutrition."
  • * "To formulate properstrategies that women and children can establish livelihood systems to improve the quality of their lives"
  • * "To influence public policies in favour of the vulnerable."
  • * "To strengthen networks and linkages with formal and informal institutions to sustain the development initiatives."
  • * "To enable the community to create, renovate and manage natural resource in a sustainable manner."

Objectives of READS:

The primary objectives of READS is to facilitate improvement in promoting the status of rural poor by focusing women, children, untouchables (dalits), Devadasi women, youths and disabled children through awareness, education, training and building community based organizations in the rural and urban areas. Following are the important components of the aims and objectives of our organization. Read More!

* To provide basic literacy skills through non-formal education programmes, adult literacy classes and promotion of sports and other such activities among the rural and urban population.

* To establish projects for the improvement of the economic status of the weaker sections of the community, including construction of dwelling units for such communities, without distinction of caste or creed.

* To support the education of socially and economically backward children, including construction of school buildings and establishing and managing educational institutions in rural areas for women and children.

* To establish and run hospitals, medical facilities, cruches, day care centres, orphanages for children of daily wage labourers, construction workers and other destitute from the economically weaker sections of society.

* To provide assistance to physically handicapped and destitute persons through providing hostel facilities, constructing destitute homes, rehabilitation centers, vocation centers, and promoting cottage industries.


READS has qualified, dedicated, experienced and committed staff to implement and undertake development programmes for the poor and marginalized communities in rural as well urban areas. Currently READS is implementing two major issue based projects in Bellary district of northern Karnataka. One for the Devadasi and dalit community implemented in 40 villages.

All together 12 staff are associated to implement the project. The other project is implemented in 60 villages in Sandur and Hospet Taluk of Bellary district All together 30 staff (13 full time and 17 part-times) are associated to implement the project. vitae condimentum. Read More!

General Information

Location of the Projects : Bellary, and Sandur taluks and Bellary District
Legal Status Karnataka Societies Registration Act (1960) Reg.No.SOR.349/94-95 dated 9th March 1995.
FCRA Registration No FCRA NO -094590139 dated 09.02.2000
Europe Aid Registration IN-2011 CFI-2401872175
Income-tax exemption No: T-548/66/12A/CIT/DVG/ dtd. 07-03-05
80 G Registration Details T.No.1624/80G/CIT-DVG/12-13. dtd.26.06.2012
Organization Management C. Thippeshappa, responsible for overall Administration
and Management of the Organization.