what we do?

Vision of READS:


Mission of READS:

* To establish community based institutions of women and children and to build their capacities.

* To enable the community to demand for effective, appropriate and timely primary health care and nutrition..

* To formulate properstrategies that women and children can establish livelihood systems to improve the quality of their lives.

* To influence public policies in favour of the vulnerable..

* To strengthen networks and linkages with formal and informal institutions to sustain the development initiatives.

* To enable the community to create, renovate and manage natural resource in a sustainable manner.

Objectives of READS:

* To form Self Help Groups, Child Right Clubs, Adolescent groups, youth groups.

* Federating the local level institutions.

* Building capacities among the members of institutions and federations.

* Consultationwith service providers on their roles and responsibilities in reaching out to the needy and deserving..

* Building awareness on the rights and facilities available to community.

* Advocacy and lobbying to get basic facilities like health, nutrition, education, housing, income generation, social security schemes etc.

* Collection, consolidation and dissemination of information and evidence among the people’s representatives, officials and community.

* Linkages with skill based and finance institutions to develop vocational skills and to establish small and micro enterprises.

* To form and strengthen users groups to manage and protect natural resources.


READS has qualified, dedicated, experienced and committed staff to implement and undertake development programmes for the poor and marginalized communities in rural as well urban areas. Currently READS is implementing two major issue based projects in Bellary district of northern Karnataka. One for the Devadasi and dalit community implemented in 40 villages, All together 12 staff are associated to implement the project. The other project is implemented in 60 villages in Sandur and Hospet Taluk of Bellary district All together 30 staff (13 full time and 17 part-times) are associated to implement the project.

READS KEY Activity :


* Residential bridge center
* Day care center
* Function Literacy center
* Summer camp for dropout children
* School enrollment campaign
* Trainings for Kishori Groups

Health :

* Helath checkup camp
* Awareness through cultural activity on child marriage,Devadasi system
* Create Awareness on ANC andPNC

Capacity Building

* Capacity building training for the staff
* SDMC/GP members training
* Trainings for child rights clubs leaders
* Exposure visit to Childrens
* Bridging the gap quality education training for Anganawadi teachers
* Youth exchange programme
* Life copying training-good touch and bad touch
* Orientation training on child rights

Socio-Economic Development

* Child right convention
* Formation of Children Forum
* Vocational training
* Self-Help group formation
* Savings and credit activities
* Self-Help group Members capacity Building
* Exposure visit for self-help group members
* Book keeping training
* Safe marriage campaigns - target villages,
* Formation for federation-Resource center
* Socio economic development programme-Relief of poor .